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Scottish and Southern Electric is one of the big six energy companies in the U.K. As of the beginning of 2016 they get their fuel from renewable 37%, coal 31%, natural gas 27%, nuclear 3% and other 2%. Visit the SSE website at

Electricity networks supplied by Scottish and Southern Electrics are supported by that energy company. They are wholly responsible for maintaining the supply to businesses and homes that rely on their services.SSE customer services like to hear from their clients. They are interested in the customer’s thoughts on improvement to the gas and electricity services and any complaints or grievances they might have.Complaints can vary from not getting the service just as it has been advertised or something going wrong with the gas or electricity that the provider is supplying.

The most common complaints made to energy suppliers is the price they have to pay and unsatisfactory customer service. This is followed closely by their contracts being changed without consent, which quite often happens after making a simple inquiry. Wrongful disconnection is a growing concern and some people don’t receive their bills at all.​

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call SSE directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services0800 980 8476

Energy, being a necessary need of life finds requirements in daily living. There can be no replacement for it, and life would apparently come to a halt without the use of domestic fuel. It is easy to find an energy provider in the UK, and the procedure is quite simple. Locating the SSE contact number will allow customers to get answers to all inquiries.

Placing orders does not take long as long as the users have the appropriate information on all of the questions that they may have. Wholesale energy suppliers could be put under increasing tension if there is an early cold snap this winter. This turns the attention to the level of competition in the domestic market to domestic prices.

Wholesale prices have been on the rise. This interferes with the supplier profits where suppliers will most probably forward this to their clients. SSE formerly recognized as Scottish & Southern Electric is one of the top UK’s largest energy suppliers. Customers can find prices for gas and electricity by finding the SSE phone number on their website

Electricity is something that people cannot live without, but it is something that is taken for granted. Household electricity consumption has increased and is likely influenced by the amount of individuals living in each household. Also, other things to take into consideration is the number of electrical household appliances and energy saving devices consumers have to play a significant role in the consumption of electricity.

What can customers expect getting in touch with SSE Customer Services?

One of the easiest ways to resolve a complaint or the problem is to contact a customer service specialist. They are trained in solving all energy issues answer customers questions to the best of their ability.

Costumers may choose to call the SSE phone number where they can speak to a trained professional ready to help with any questions. They will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If there is a particular reason that the customer care cannot resolve the issue, then the complaint will be transferred to a higher power where they will address the issue answering their customer as soon as they can.

For information on the company time and any other inquiries relating to the company and will offer more information on their business.

The satisfaction of customers is one of the top priorities especially when it comes to energy complaints. The SSE contact number allows customers the opportunity to voice their problems, resolving them in a quick and straightforward way.

Complaining to SSE customer services - what should you say when you phone the SSE contact number?​

Clients can communicate with the SSE phone number for general inquiries about the SSE home services. The customer care representative will be able to help customers with their queries.

In today's economic struggle energy suppliers cannot control prices but they can provide customers value for their money and focus on delivering for their clients. The SSE customer services clients to their best knowledge. There are dedicated representatives ready to answer the consumer’s needs. They make sure to resolve issues that are valuable to their customers. Their way of thinking is customers come first. The support team is made up of people who clearly understand the energy company and their devotion to helping clients in every way.

Electricity and Gas are two utilities crucial for every customer. It is not easy to survive without them. Energy companies strive to fulfill their customer’s gas and electricity requirements.

Apart from providing an excellent and economical service to their customers, the suppliers introduce many utility deals to attract their customers. These deals are very beneficial to people. They enable them to make savings in their energy expenses.

For a detail in energy deals, customers can contact the SSE customer services number and get the information needed for their service. Many new clients can easily register with the energy supplier simply by selecting Customers can easily access their account information in a straightforward and stress-free way.

What are some of the SSE complaints and issues?

Each day the energy industry faces many challenges such as balancing the rising cost of energy and supply. Managing this and providing to the world’s growing population is a challenge.

Many clients are concerned about their energy bills and wholesale prices. Keeping consumers happy is the key source in a successful relationship between supplier and customer.

Customer complaints may occur where clients need to get in touch with SSE customer care expert. They will assist all issues making sure the customer is taken care of. Some of the complaints include:

-Incorrect bills:

Inaccurate meter readings can result in mistakes on invoices, which can lead to angry customers. By getting in touch with the energy supplier, customers can complain to a trained customer service representative explaining their problem. By locating the SSE phone number customers can voice their problem resulting to a good solution benefiting both customer and supplier.

-Switching energy company:

A high number of people switch energy companies all the time. Energy companies wish to make the change as smooth as possible. There are different options available to change. Customers can contact the energy company where they will make sure to make the switch.

-The problem with the boiler:

The boiler is a part of the home that customers rely on since it is responsible fro both the hot water and the heating. A broken furnace can cause an interruption in a home. It’s important to contact a professional allowing them to take care of the issue safely. By contacting them, they will make sure that they will provide the best service. They are qualified and trained in solving such problems.

-Energy bill explanation:

Winter is a time when clients consume high amounts of power, switching on a variety of heating systems such as water heaters electric blankets, room heating elements and more. For the majority of homes, heating takes about half of their energy bills in winter.

It is important that customers make it a point to check their energy bill regularly. Being aware of what the supplier is charging helps reduce the energy they use. Although energy companies do their best with the billing mistakes, do happen. To understand better contacting a specialist is the best alternative.

For energy industries to gain their customer’s attention improving customer experience is a priority. Finding the SSE contact number is the best way customers can receive an efficient, quick and consistent service.

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